A Day in the Life of a Contractor

Switching from PAYE to Contracting

Life as a contractor

About our case study

WTT Group is comprised of experts in tax, legal and accounting, offering a broad range of services to individuals, corporates and trusts. From assisting with accounting processes and offering support on the life cycle of a business, to compliance advice and future planning, whatever your needs we’re here to help.

From speaking with our clients, we realised that there are a number of questions that are asked regularly, that affect a large proportion, if not all contractors.

We have therefore put together a case study, showing the journey of an individual who has left full time employment for a new working life in contracting, and the tax issues that they face. 'A Day In The Life Of A Contractor' will walk you through the key factors to consider when leaving the security of PAYE behind, including:

Methods of remuneration

Personal tax requirements

Corporation tax requirements

In year tax considerations

The risk areas and traps of contracting

Future planning

Closing down a limited company

Meet Gabrielle

Introducing our case study subject

My name is Gabrielle and I have had a successful twelve-year career working in IT. For the past five years I have been employed by a large film production company based in London. But during the pandemic, I realised (like a lot of people!) that my priorities had changed. I enjoyed more time at home with my two sons and not having to commute to London every day. I therefore decided to take control of my career and become my own boss.

Last year I left my employment and set up my own company, GLU Consulting Ltd, providing specialist IT consultancy services to film production companies.

Join me on my journey as i leave the comforts of PAYE behind for the independence and flexibility of the world of contracting.

A day in the life of a contractor handbook

Leaving employment to 'go it alone' can be daunting

But don't worry! We've got you covered.

When you decide to leave your full-time job and become a contractor, it can be a daunting transition. Suddenly, you find yourself responsible for paying taxes instead of having it automatically deducted through Pay as You Earn (PAYE), and this is just the start...

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